GSoC, end of Community Bonding Period

The community bonding period has been an interesting one and now I write about my experience.


  • Make contact with Mentors
  • Setup a blog for posting GSoC updates
  • Setup development environment for my project
  • Do some more research about my project and update my project plan in collaboration with my mentors
  • Help others in the community


All my objectives were completed

  • First I started with some development environment setup issues which took me about 2 weeks to solve mainly because i had poor Internet(had to upgrade my Internet bundle) and other technical issues which @teleivo my backup mentor helped me true.
  • I made contact with my mentors and @judy my primary mentor and I even participated in a FHIR hackerthon which was a great experience for me.
  • I also got two work on some tickets that gave me more inside to the OpenMRS architecture and a little more about my project.
  • Learned a lot while working on tickets
  • I tried as much as possible to help others in the community having trouble with either setup or some other problems i could handle.
  • Finally made some adjustments to my timeline which was reviewed by my mentors.

Next Steps

As a next step, i look forward to complete the objectives stated in my project plan while following my proposed timeline.


GSoC Community Bonding, Week #2

The second week of communtiy boding period has just ended and here is my update.


My Objectives for this period included:

  • Setup development environment
  • Get good Internet bundle
  • Continue with research on project
  • Discuss with mentors to refine my summer timeline and prepare a good project plan
  • Lead scrum
  • Work on project related tickets
  • Finish customization of my blog


  • Finished setting up development environment for radiology module and did all necessary configuration
  • Internet installed
  • Me and my mentors did a lot of discussion about my project objectives and I was able to explore the feature i am suppose to enhance during this summer. Details of the discussion can be found here talk discussion.
  • Was scrum master from Monday till Thursday. I had a class on Friday so i missed 😦 .


  • None

Next steps

  • Continue working on my project plan and timeline
  • Prepare some mockups
  • Start ticketing my objectives
  • Work on project related tickets(not GSoC tickets)

GSoC Community Bonding, End of Week #1

The first week of community bonding has come to an end. Below is my report.


My objectives for this period included

  • Make contact with mentors
  • Setup a blog to paste updates about my progress in GSoC
  • Get a good Internet bundle
  • Setup my development environment
  • Do more research on my project


  • I have made contact with my mentors. Paticipated in FHIR hackerthon as a team made up of me, my mentor(@judy) and @harsha. The experience was great and it gave me more insight into my project.
  • I have setup a blog which am still customizing. I still need to incorporate RSS feeds.
  • I have paid for a good Internet connection but its still to be installed
  • Made unsuccessful attempts in setting up my development environment for radiology module.
  • Did a lot of research and learned a lot more about radiology informatics.


  • Difficulty in setting up development environment using vagrant. In the coming week i will try a manual installation since the vagrant setup has been unsuccessful. I get different types of errors when i try the same thing over and over again.
  • My ISP is yet to honor our contract and install my Internet.

Next steps

Below are the things I plan to do in my second week as a GSoC student. Keep watching this page for updates on my progress on the project.

  • Continue with the development environment setup and make sure everything is up and running before the end of Monday 2, 2016.
  • Finish the customization of my blog and incorporate RSS.
  • Make sure my Internet connection is installed
  • Lead scrum since the current scrum master will be unavailable
  • Work on project related tickets to get to know more about my project
  • Do more research on my project
  • In collaboration with mentors prepare a detailed project plan for this summer

My Google Summer of Code Project


Its been a little over a week since the GSoC list was released on the 22 of April, 2016. I was at my computer 5 hours before the list of accepted students was released. I had a lot of tension and could not wait to see the results. The list was scheduled to be released at 19:00 UTC, which is 20:00 WAT for me. At 19:50, there was a general blackout in my area so my modem went of and the tension doubled. It is not only until about 20:20 when a friend with a mobile modem that had some power left shared his connection with me. On opening gmail, the first mail i received was a congratulation from google. I did not even wait to finish the whole message. I felt like i someone that just past the GCE(Cameroonians will understand).  I have been dreaming about doing GSoC with OpenMRS for a long time, i feel like am still inside that dream(am sure there is a big smile on my face in real life, if indeed this is a dream). The real coding has not yet started but I am already feeling a lot of excitement about the program.

A little About My Organization, OpenMRS

OpenMRS is an Electronic Medical Recording System(EMR), designed for use in the developing world and first established in 2004. The system has evolved into a medical informatics platform used on every continent, supporting health care delivery and research in an extremely wide variety of context. OpenMRS has a modular architecture where the core functionality of the EMR can be extended by add on modules. The OpenMRS community is made up of people of various backgrounds which include, doctors, IT professionals, Researchers, Lecturers, Developers, Software Engineers, etc. You can know more about OpenMRS from

About My Project

For my Google Summer of Code project i will be working the OpenMRS Radiology Module. The radiology module adds radiology information system (RIS) functionalities to the core OpenMRS EMR. To learn more about this module, look at

Currently the OpenMRS radiology module has a poor support for building radiology reports. In this project I will be working with my mentors to enhance the reporting capabilities of the radiology module.

I will be mentored by Ivo Ulrich and Judy Gichoya. They are both amazing people. I have only known them for a short while but am glad they are my mentors and i look forward to learning a lot from them.

In my project i will be using technologies like, Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate and other opensource technologies like revision control systems, build tools like maven, etc.

To know more about my project, checkout its project page here

My Expectations

As an OpenMRS contributor for the past one year, i know what it means to be part of the community and look forward to an amazing summer as a GSoC student with OpenMRS. I trust i will learn a lot from my mentors and the community in general.I know i will gain a wealth of experience in software engineering as GSoCer this year with OpenMRS.And maybe one day become a core committer like Daniel Kayiwa, the guy whom i have been pestering with questions and pull requests since i joined the community.