GSoC Community Bonding, End of Week #1

The first week of community bonding has come to an end. Below is my report.


My objectives for this period included

  • Make contact with mentors
  • Setup a blog to paste updates about my progress in GSoC
  • Get a good Internet bundle
  • Setup my development environment
  • Do more research on my project


  • I have made contact with my mentors. Paticipated in FHIR hackerthon as a team made up of me, my mentor(@judy) and @harsha. The experience was great and it gave me more insight into my project.
  • I have setup a blog which am still customizing. I still need to incorporate RSS feeds.
  • I have paid for a good Internet connection but its still to be installed
  • Made unsuccessful attempts in setting up my development environment for radiology module.
  • Did a lot of research and learned a lot more about radiology informatics.


  • Difficulty in setting up development environment using vagrant. In the coming week i will try a manual installation since the vagrant setup has been unsuccessful. I get different types of errors when i try the same thing over and over again.
  • My ISP is yet to honor our contract and install my Internet.

Next steps

Below are the things I plan to do in my second week as a GSoC student. Keep watching this page for updates on my progress on the project.

  • Continue with the development environment setup and make sure everything is up and running before the end of Monday 2, 2016.
  • Finish the customization of my blog and incorporate RSS.
  • Make sure my Internet connection is installed
  • Lead scrum since the current scrum master will be unavailable
  • Work on project related tickets to get to know more about my project
  • Do more research on my project
  • In collaboration with mentors prepare a detailed project plan for this summer

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