GSoC Community Bonding, Week #2

The second week of communtiy boding period has just ended and here is my update.


My Objectives for this period included:

  • Setup development environment
  • Get good Internet bundle
  • Continue with research on project
  • Discuss with mentors to refine my summer timeline and prepare a good project plan
  • Lead scrum
  • Work on project related tickets
  • Finish customization of my blog


  • Finished setting up development environment for radiology module and did all necessary configuration
  • Internet installed
  • Me and my mentors did a lot of discussion about my project objectives and I was able to explore the feature i am suppose to enhance during this summer. Details of the discussion can be found here talk discussion.
  • Was scrum master from Monday till Thursday. I had a class on Friday so i missed 😦 .


  • None

Next steps

  • Continue working on my project plan and timeline
  • Prepare some mockups
  • Start ticketing my objectives
  • Work on project related tickets(not GSoC tickets)

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