GSoC, end of Community Bonding Period

The community bonding period has been an interesting one and now I write about my experience.


  • Make contact with Mentors
  • Setup a blog for posting GSoC updates
  • Setup development environment for my project
  • Do some more research about my project and update my project plan in collaboration with my mentors
  • Help others in the community


All my objectives were completed

  • First I started with some development environment setup issues which took me about 2 weeks to solve mainly because i had poor Internet(had to upgrade my Internet bundle) and other technical issues which @teleivo my backup mentor helped me true.
  • I made contact with my mentors and @judy my primary mentor and I even participated in a FHIR hackerthon which was a great experience for me.
  • I also got two work on some tickets that gave me more inside to the OpenMRS architecture and a little more about my project.
  • Learned a lot while working on tickets
  • I tried as much as possible to help others in the community having trouble with either setup or some other problems i could handle.
  • Finally made some adjustments to my timeline which was reviewed by my mentors.

Next Steps

As a next step, i look forward to complete the objectives stated in my project plan while following my proposed timeline.


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