GSoC Coding Week 3 updates

The third week of GSoC is over and here is my report.

This week i had a blocker with the radiology module. “mvn clean install” was freezing and I had to kill it to make it stop. I even opened a thread about it on talk. I had input from my mentor and different members of the community like @dkayiwa and @maany. But it was only resolved on Thursday  9 June by @teleivo(my mentor). After that i could continue with my work but could not meet the objectives I had set out for this week. But hopefully next week will be more fruitful. But I learnt a lot while trying to resolve the blocker with the radiology code. I learnt a lot about spring framework and asked a lot of questions from my mentor who was very helpful. Here is my pull request for this week.

Also spent some time responding to comments on my pull request and resolving them as soon as possible.

I have already created the tab for report templates but still need to provide it with data to display. Next week I will be working on a REST API for the report templates resource which will handle getAll and pagination.


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