GSoC Week 9

Finished writing my exams this week Monday 18th. This week i spent time resolving comments on pull request, implement all missing test cases and make sure they pass. Code should be merged by now but I’ve been struggling with a jquery bug for like 2 days now. Its causing the UI to break. Still looking into it.


GSoC Week 6

This week i did not do much. I am writing my end of semester exams. I started on the Tuesday June 28 and i will be writing till Wednesday 13 July. I was writing just two courses this week so i tried to do a little work. There was a lot of comments on my pull request after midterm, i have resolved all of them so that my pull request can be merged. From next week I will not be able to do any work since i will be writing 8 courses in a row skipping only Sunday. So i plan to continue working only after my exams. I believe once my exams are done I will have enough time to complete this project. I have come this far while i still had school and was not giving all of my time to the project so i know once i finish my exams and start working 8 hours a day. I will finish my project even before final evaluations.