GSoC Updates Week 11

This week was really productive. I was working on template validation RAD-334. I had to use xsd with a template schema to validate templates according to the MRRT standard. So I started of by learning about xsd and xml validation. After that I started by creating and xsd file that will be used to validate templates. Unfortunately standard java only supports XSD 1.0 and we needed to use some features that were only present in XSD 1.1. The only two libraries I could find that support xsd 1.1 are xerces and saxon. The version of xerces that supported xsd 1.1 did not have an official maven repo and the version of saxon that supports xsd 1.1 had a commercial license. So I stayed with standard java and xsd 1.0. I made up for the weakness xsd 1.0 by implementing another validator in java that validated areas that could not be specified in the schema file. Merged pull request can be found here, pull-426.

Next am working on letting users use templates to create reports RAD-273

Here is a screenshot of what happens now when an invalid template is imported.






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