Google Summer of Code 2017


I have been accepted for the second time as a GSoC student. I’m so excited to be part of this program for the second time. This year I’ll be working with LibreHealth. My GSoC 2017 project is a continuation of my last year GSoC project. This year I’ll be doing the second part of the project.

About LibreHealth

LibreHealth is collaobrative community for free & open source software projects in Health IT, and is a member project of Software Freedom Conservancy. LibreHealth is an umbrella project for other open source health IT softwares.

I’m so excited to be part of LibreHealth as GSoC student because since they are new and still building their architecture I get the chance to learn first hand and be part of the team that made it great. I know I will learn a lot during my time hear as a GSoCer and I hope to make great impact at Librehealth.

About My Project

For GSoC 2017 I will be working on LibreHealth Radiology. LibreHealth Radiology is a fork of the OpenMRS Radiology module. My project is a continuation of last year Radiology Report Enhancement which was under OpenMRS. The goal of the project is to make it possible to create radiology reports based on radiology templates from within lh-radiology. Last summer me and my mentors were able to make the radiology module import and validate radiology report templates. But these templates are not used for the creation of radiology reports yet. This summer I’ll be working on making it possible to use the imported templates for report creation. I’ll also be involved in implementing the fhir standard in the EHR. I will also work on a new UI for lh-radiology by building web components.

My Expectations

I look forward to having a great time as GSoC intern at LibreHealth. I trust I’ll learn a lot during GSoC with LibreHealth.



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