GSoC Week 3

The third week of GSoC ended a few days ago and this my report. During week two updates I reported that I was able to save radiology reports as files on the file system but I didn’t use Complex Obs for that. But due to the different advantages we’ll have in saving as complex obs including making it possible to query a report when all observations on patients are been queried, my mentor Judy requested I save it as an obs and since this is a file we have to use complex obs since it handles files well.

Here is my merge request

To see it work you need at least one complex concept in the system. This concept will normally be added via a standard concept dictionary but for development purposes you can go ahead and manually create a complex concept and copy it’s uuid as shown on the screenshot. Make sure to select TextHandler

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.01.55 AM

Then copy the uuid of your complex concept and paste it to the radiology global property Complex Concept. For that go to Administration -> Settings -> Radiology  and you’ll see a setting called Complex Concept and paste your uuid there. See screenshot below

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.11.16 AM.png

Now you can go ahead claim a report for a completed order or just create your new order and set it’s status to completed then claim the report. After saving the report you can see your obs by going to

Administration -> Manage Observations search observations by patient name and you’ll see a link to your report file.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.15.35 AM.png

Next steps

The system currently saves only free text reports as complex obs. I’m adding support for saving MRRT reports too. I have already worked on the backend code for handling reports created with MRRT templates and I’m now working on the front end to have something that I can demo.


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