GSoC Coding Phase 2 Week 1

It’s a little over a week since the GSoC first evaluation ended on June 30th, 2017. Glad to say I passed the first evaluation with good remarks from my mentors. The radiology back end code can now save radiology reports using MRRT templates. That’s a great achievement.

For the phase 2 of the program I’ll be working on a new UI for radiology. We’ll be leaving the legacy OpenMRS UI and build a new user interface based on web components. The initial idea was to use Polymer for this but Angular 2 changed the story. Angular 2 is component based and perfect fit for out goals.

The front end will be an Open Web App which is supported by the LH Toolkit thanks to the OpenMRS Open Web Apps module. The web app will be an Angular 4 + Twitter bootstrap project. And it will communicate with Toolkit via REST.

I’m fairly new to all the technologies to be used for the front end so I started off by enrolling to an Angular 4 course on Udemy using my GSoC stipend. I also watched some videos about twitter bootstrap. I’m also learning Angular 2 from the tutorials. I’ve still not covered enough angular to complete the front end but I’m making much progress with angular and I’m confident to meet my 2nd evaluation goals.

I’ve setup an Angular project for LibreHealth Radiology and hosted it on GitHub. I’ll be updating the app as I get more understanding of Angular while moving on with the course.


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